I'm Just a Big 'OleDork!

Several weeks back I observed a smartly dressed woman somewhere out in the world wearing a dress with leggings underneath. I thought it unusual to see in California since it is usually not cold enough to have that need. I was impressed with the creativity in form and function to allow her to continue to wear her fall wardrobe with a minor modification for the untimely chill.

This morning I was running a bit late and had to switch from my planned outfit to something a bit more 'light and breezy'. Let me say now that I don't own a lot of cold weather clothes that are suitable for the workplace so I rotate through what I do have in a really short period of time. That should explain why all I had left to choose from was a more 'summery' option. I should also add at this point that my newly acquired half slip had fallen upon an unusual circumstance last night and was not available for use this morning. Remembering the smartly dressed woman I spied a few weeks back, and having just returned from a long weekend at the cabin, I knew just where my long silk underwear was and decided to put them to use today. Something was lost in the translation between me thinking she looked chic in the way she put her outfit together and what I came up with. My long underwear is too long for my short legs so the pant legs slip down past the bottom of the hem of my skirt. The leggings did not, no matter how much I hoped they would, become a valid substitute for a slip.

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I arrived at work and immediately gathered my 'homies' together in the kitchenette area to explain so I wouldn't have to repeat the painful details of my morning over and over again each time an unsuspecting person noticed.I confess I was trying to muster support for the 'laughing with me not at me' theory. At this point in my day I'm foregoing any unnecessary trips out of my cubicle in a futile attempt to avoid further detection. An hour ago I rode up in the elevator with a co-worker who innocently enough asked "aren't your legs cold?". I was sure someone who I had announced my dilemma to earlier had put her up to asking me that. Not the case; it was an innocent attempt a small talk that I turned into a conspiracy. All this the day after I received word that my position was reclassified (in simple terms, I was promoted); a time when most people would act more professional, not less.

So basically I'm just a big ole' dork who the good Lord blesses more than my fair share. Praise God for that; every day, in every way.

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