Struggling to find gifts for the man in your life?

Why not get him an electronic gadget? What else has as much guy appeal yet can serve so many diverse functions?

The range of cool gadgets on the market today is incredible. It doesn't matter if your father is interested in the outdoors, automotive restoration and maintenance, computers, travel, photography or arts and crafts there's sure to be a gadget available for him.

In fact, the latest gadgets make popular presents. Gadget gifts are the third most likely to be purchased after CDs and clothes on fathers day in the US according to the National Retailers Association.

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So what makes gadget gifts so popular?

When considering which gift to get it is very difficult to get past the novelty factor of new gadgets. This novelty factor is so strong that it is hard for gifts like clothing or photo frames to compare.

New electronic gadgets, particularly strange gadgets or unusual cool gadgets, also create conversations and give fathers something to talk about with friends or colleagues. When was the last time you heard your father talk about his latest shirt?

Gadgets also appeal to men particularly because of their ability to create something or solve problems. It is this benefit that perhaps adds to the attraction of gadgets so much that there is a wide range of gadgets for men.

Don't just get bland socks or a generic CD for your father on his birthday or Fathers Day. Watch his face light up with joy by getting him some cool new gadgets.

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