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There we're a few important steps that I realized I was failing at miserably when I first started applying makeup to clients. The first step that you'll learn at Beauty School is practicing hygiene with your tools, the second is how to properly apply your base to your makeup.

The first and most confronting step that you are asked to complete is matching a foundation colour to your client's skin. Now this just doesn't go for Makeup Artists, this also goes for your personal use. Get your colour right and never just "guess" what colour foundation you are matched to.

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At Beauty School they'll mark you on matching a foundation colour to the jawline on the client, that's all well and good but to get the perfect colour I suggest to not only match the colour to the jaw, do it under the eyes and near the nose. Go that step further and ensure that the colour is matched perfectly.

Perfecting your base doesn't end there, it also takes time and patience to get your coverage right. Seriously.

I was awarded A's when it came to 'Blending' my client's foundation. Too many times have I seen areas not blended, jaw lines not matching the colour of the skin, and a nice and large defined line right where the face meets the ear. No! No! No! The amount of times I did see this during my study is countless, it looks incredibly cheap, and the job is purely unfinished. The best tool to blend a foundation is to use the foundation brush you applied the product with, or a sponge. The perfect foundation shade should pretty much dissapear into your skin, and let's be honest no body wants to pull off the classic pale face with a tanned body, so blend your base properly.

If you think of yours or your client's face as a "blank canvas" that needs your time, attention and patience then perfecting the step of your base will start to come naturally. Finally, I'd like to stress the importance of the tools that you use for applying your product- your fingers- NO, a SPONGE- For Blending Only, a FOUNDATION BRUSH- YES! The very reason why a foundation brush is much more superior than any of these other tools is because: It uses far less product, which let's you blend and cover all of the areas on the face properly, without a cakey affect. They also are designed to give you a smooth affect and are fantastic for blending your product in to the skin. In Newcastle, try to do your research through the cosmetic outletsMy favourite foundation brush to use is from the ELF Brand. However, don't limit yourself to using just Napoleon or MAC, research foundation brushes on google and an online delivery could benefit you in the long run.

Concealer is designed to hide flaws, lighten dark circles, highlight and emphasize parts of the face. So why do people put concealer on before their foundation? I used to, but in reality your just blending the concealer away over another product. To blend it into the face I suggest to apply concealer after your foundation. P.S Everyone feels differently about this, everyone has different ways of perfecting their base- it's a personal thing.

Your face, your client's face is "the perfect canvas," treat it with care, time and patience.

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