Fandom Food Friday: Daisy Buchanan's Lemon Cakes

Note: I feel like I have to preface these posts by saying that majority if not all of everything I use in the Fandom Food Friday posts are store bought box items. Why? Because not everyone can go out and buy a 1lb bag of powdered sugar for buttercream or chocolate for cupcakes. It's just easier to have these things be affordable and easy to make. After all, these are for you!

I recently saw the Great Gatsby remake and while I can see why fans of the book (which I also read) didn't like it, I could also see why people LOVED it. I LOVED it.I wanted to make a treat inspired by it but I know for sure they don't really touch on the lemon cakes in the movie like they do in the book.Why lemon cakes? Because Gatsby served Daisy them in the book which he knew we're her favorites.

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I had an idea when doing this but I didn't particularly want to make I went with cupcakes and we're just going to call them cakes okay?

So I opted for a lemon cupcake filled with lemon pudding and topped with cream cheese frosting. The tanginess of the lemon and cream cheese pair really well together which was what I was hoping for when making them!

This recipe is fairly easy since just about everything is from a box!

So let's get to it:

These are the ingredients. Thats it. A box of lemon cake, a box of lemon pudding and a can of whipped cream cheese frosting!

First you'll make the pudding. The box just said to put all the contents in a bowl and whip for 2 minutes.
Its instant pudding so it becomes ready to serve in 5 minutes!

Combine all the ingredients for the cake in a bowl and mix.I didn't pull out my big mixer for this because it's so easy to mix by hand with a whisk or a spoon.

After mixing I just filled my cupcake liners and popped them into the oven which was set at 425 (because of my dark non-stick pan) for 20 minutes.

Next what you'll want to do is take a small knife and at an angle cut a circle in the middle of the cupcake. Essentially, you're making a cone shape to fill with the pudding. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PARTS YOU CUT OUT!

Next, fill a pastry bag with the pudding and fill the centers. You can put as much as you want..but know that too much will result in an overflow once you put the tops back on.

Next what you'll want to do is to cut the tips off the cone shape that you cut out leaving just the flat top!Then you'll just put the top back on covering the hole!

Then you'll just put your icing in a piping back to pipe on the tops and then sprinkle with any color sugar crystals you want. I use silver and gold. And you can even stick a feather into it to resemble the feather head bands and clips they wore in the 20's!

These cupcakes...are pretty phenomenal. If I could, I would eat the entire batch but I won't because I will probably get sick from eating them all. So I will be sharing these with my co-workers today at work and I know they'll be loved like I love them.

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Posted in Food Post Date 06/27/2017