Herman Miller Aeron Chair: One of the Best Office Chairs

The uniquely original Aeron chairs boast matchless production in the typical design of ergonomic office seat development. With the introduction of it's unique constructive elements, the Aeron chair stays unchallenged by other manufacturers.

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When designers Bill Stumpf and Donald Chadwick considered the Aeron chair design, they took into account all aspects of product reliability, social respect, and comfort. From this careful reflection which speaks to the current busy lifestyle while making use of the various cues found in the normal ergonomic chair design, Stumpf and Chadwick showed their Pellicle fabric. Just like other Herman Miller Chairs the Aeron is made from top quality.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair: one of the best ergonomic chair with highly adjustable graphite chair frame and healthy posture fit design furniture

This pellicle fabric is actually a DuPont polyester elastomeric mesh. This flexible mesh of Aeron chair provides the user strong but breathable and supportive elastic flexion. The designers, Stumpf and Chadwick explained that a gentle supportive mesh that gives with every body movement while providing the user breathability, would better support the individual frame of the user than the typical chair upholstery or cushions. By substituting the back and seat cushions and padding of conventional chair with this pellicle fabric, the Aeron chair has given birth to distinctive and remarkably comfortable seating experience.

The Aeron chair is a standout among the other ergonomic desk chair rivals and the more conventional peers. Awarded and recognized many times within the furniture manufacturing industries and influential business, the Aeron chair remains the top of the ergonomic chair style and design. The Your Company Magazine gave the Aeron chair the title, Designs Greatest Hits in 1999 and the chair has continued it's trip along the less traveled ergonomic road where function and form combined into a sleek design and simple comfort. The Business Week Magazine and Industrial Designers Society also named Aeron chair as Gold Winner, Design of the Decade in 1999. Aeron chair was ranked among the best industry leaders and came out the big winner again.

In 1998, the Society of Plastics and Engineers gave Aeron chair the prestigious award, International Plastics Consumer Design And Product in recognition of it's use of molded plastics and creative concepts. The Aeron chair was also recognized internationally by way of the Japanese Ministry of International Industry in 1996 and awarded the Aeron chair with the Gold Prize. As a result, this brings the Aeron chair influence to a greater level of competitive reach.

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