From Ciao Bella to Ristorante Casa Nostra

We returned to Ciao Bella's so often that it wasn't long before we felt we we're a small part of the Ciao Bella family. What was very intriguing about Ciao Bella is that it had a diverse group of regulars whose lives we're all connected through the restaurant, it reminded me of the 1980s sitcom Cheers because if ever you wanted to go where everybody knew your name, Ciao Bella was the place. Unfortunately a couple months ago the die hard regulars we're not enough to keep the place open and Ciao Bella had to shut it's doors.

As I have driven by over the last couple of months I have seen a group of guys working on the restaurant everyday with a sign out front reading "Casa Nostra, Opening Soon". Although I was glad to see something would be coming I was a little concerned that it would no longer have the same appeal without the people and inviting "we're all friends here" atmosphere. Nevertheless I was looking forward to the opening of Casa Nostra. This was the opening weekend and I had to be there for their first Saturday Night. When we arrived we took the last available parking spot, got out of the car and took our first look at Casa Nostra. The outside had been painted and touched up but did not change significantly. Walking into Casa Nostra was something entirely different.

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The hundreds of hollywood images, road signs, comic books and miscellaneous objects that once strewn the walls we're all gone, and the stage had been removed. The floor had been tiled, the walls painted, the bar was rebuilt, the refrigerator was replaced with a wine display, the tables and chairs we're all new, the artwork was great and it was obvious, this was not going to be quite like Ciao Bella. The place did look nice and you could see that they had worked very hard to change this into something of their own.

We we're immediately greeted by Dawn, former co-owner of Ciao Bella and noticed Dr. Madd, the guitarist that played at Ciao Bella every Monday night sitting in his usual spot at the bar. So we decided we would take our spot along side Dr. Madd and see how the food would fare. It was only a few minutes before we had met Raffaele, Pasquale and Mario, the owners of Casa Nostra.

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Posted in Food Post Date 04/10/2017