Wedding Jewelry & Other Stuff

I just got my wedding jewelry in the mail and I am so happy with it!!!! I had it custom made by a wonderful seller on etsy - heatheranndesigns. She is also a digital scrapbook designer, which is where I learned of her. We corresponded a bit about what I wanted, and then she showed me this photo of what she had crafted for me:

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I couldn't believe how perfect it was!!! The olivine color will go perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses, and then I have my pink and orange accents. Both the necklace and earrings together cost me under $40. Pretty good for wedding jewelry!!! They arrived in the mail yesterday, so nicely packaged:

I am so happy with them. I need to try them on with my dress and make sure the necklace is the right length for it, but I'm not expecting any problems there. I ordered it on the longer side and it's always easy to make it shorter.

Also in the mail yesterday.... Ian got his car parts from RideMakerZ. He was so excited!!

He already put one of them together last night. I think he plans on blogging about it on our other blog if you are interested. I just thought it was cute to see him so excited - that's rare! 🙂 Also, remember in my last entry I wrote about the boxes Stacey and I made for each other a long time ago, for storing letters we sent to each other? It only took me about one minute to track it down in my parents basement... and I had a blast looking through it.

Yesterday we went up to Estes Park to get my dad's birthday gift - and we went geocaching... hopefully I can blog about all that stuff tomorrow! Today is my dad's birthday and we are off to his dinner... now!! (Didn't get to finish and post, so, now we are actually HOME from the dinner and it was great! Working on next blog entry.

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