How to Find the Best Crossfit Shoes for Beginners

Also, you don't necessarily have to take on a pair of crossfit shoes with a big adaptation period for your first purchase. There are many pairs of crossfit shoes out there which blend the qualities of classic running shoes with the features that crossfit adepts love. They generally come from the same brands, offer the same kind of colors and simply make you look like you're already a regular. So, here are some of the best crossfit shoes for beginners . We came up with this top 3 to give you a quick insight on what a good transition and beginner pair for crossfit is and what you should expect from them.

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Reebok Women and Men RealFlex Transition Cross-Training Shoe

If you're a beginner who would like to eventually transition to barefoot running, but don't want to buy the real deal immediately, this pair from Reebok will do the trick. It's available for both men and women and is considered to be a top choice in the category. You can benefit from the flex nodes of the RealFlex technology from Reebok and still enjoy some good support on the front and the back. For beginners, this is a stable shoe that's flexible all while making you feel secure. It's also very lightweight and follows your foot's natural motion while you run. Reebok has developed the concept to the point where they have various versions of the RealFlex concept, and they're all good. A good transition shoe gives you a good feel, plenty of flexibility, and a good dose of support, and that's exactly what the RealFlex Transition provides for both men and women.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 for Men and Women

A good crossfit shoe for a beginner can mean different things and you might be looking for something that's simply well-rounded. When you're getting started and learning all the tasks Crossfit involves, you want a shoe that won't underperform anywhere, and the Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 are exactly that. Reebok sells it as it's "most versatile training shoe" and the focus goes mostly on protection when you take a look at the features. offered more cushion on the front, stabilization of the heel, strong sides and sole in the end your foot is surrounded by a good frame all around with this one as you make you first steps into Crossfit. Plus, the look of the shoe is certainly to please the newcomers to the world of brighter Crossfit shoes with some simply awesome colorways. The purple and lime green versions for women look fantastic, and the model has some red, black and blue themes for men that are just as amazing.

New Balance Men's MX1157 for Men

And finally, we mentioned this pair in a lot of our top 5s, top 10s and so on, but I couldn't fit more into a category like this. The MX1157 are an ideal pair for the beginner in Crossfit because of it's very supportive rubber sole and NBGroove technology that spreads and absorbs shock very well. It's a versatile trainer that will give you plenty for your money with all the activities that you can do with it. If you're a beginner, you might be worried that paying the price for new pair of shoes might go down the drain if you ever choose to quit, but these could easily serve for other purposes. Buy this and the only thing you will have to worry about is trying out new activities and moves to include in your daily routine.

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