We Blinked and The Big Day is Three-and-a-half Months Away!

Back in December people would ask us how planning the wedding was going and we'd shrug and respond that we think we're on track, but that since we felt so confident we we're probably missing stuff. A few chuckles later, the subject would change.

After Christmas and New Year's we're over David and I both started being asked questions about the wedding. Specific things like when is the rehearsal dinner? How do out of town guests get around? Where are you registered? Who should be invited to a shower? When are you sending out invitations? How many people fit at a table for the reception? What readings are you doing? What songs are you using? What's your first dance? What are the guys wearing? What about the flower girls?

And almost without fail the answer was I don't know.

On Thursday, David made a list of things we needed to figure out. We both had our computers with us and we set to work contacting different people and going over the budget and just generally figuring things out. After a few hours we took out our wedding planner to see just what we we're still missing. There is still tonnes to do, and we aren't 100% on track yet, but we have a few of our questions answered, and a few more simmering.

We have contacted our priest about the rehearsal. Still waiting for a response. The out of town guests who opt for transportation other than their own vehicle will be picked up and dropped off by some member of my family. The registry is a fun one and I'll get to that. Whomever my wedding party invites will be invited to a shower (I don't know how these things work, I've never done this before). Invitations will be sent out next month. Tomorrow when we talk to the venue people we'll find out how many people per table (we have a bunch of other questions to ask them as well). Readings and songs? Good questions! I don't know, but we are definitely more aware of the need to decide. The first dance is also a good story. The guys are wearing suits. David contacted them and they'll figure it out. I have plans to deal with the flower girls on February 1st.

I also had my first fitting for my dress on Saturday and that was a fantastic experience which I will also share later.

Our wedding is suddenly feeling a lot more real to me now. I can't wait to become David's wife.

Posted in Food Post Date 04/30/2017